Thursday, December 8, 2011

Looking for the good...

So it was my last day in my last English class for college.  It left me in high spirits.  Proud that I made it all semester, proud that I got out a 10 page paper, something I thought I would never be able to do.

Now as it gets closer to Christmas, I find myself wondering where the snow is?  I do love the sky before a snow storm.  I love the smell of the clean snow.  I love how peaceful it is watching the snow fall.  I love the crunch when you walk in that first snow before it's shoveled.  There is something very sad though for me, some darkness that I feel when I hear a certain Christmas music, like Manhattan steamroller, of transyberrian *how to spell that lol that can't be close*.  it makes me sad, blue...Makes it worse when I'm in my room, watching it snow silently in the night.  Makes me long for something I can't even describe, just...long for.  

I went to my cousin's choir concert tonight.  He's more like my nephew and I love him to death.  He's sleeping in my front room as a matter of fact tonight.  

We found a very very perfect townhouse tonight and I hope beyond hope that we can call it home very soon!

I am already thinking about next semesters classes and I'm not even done with all my finals. :)  I guess that ok.

Let's start something new, let's start something me and you, all we need is imagination, and a little dab of glue, let's try something new...let's try something newwwwww....

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