Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What it is about...

It's official!!  We are moving.  Into an apartment in Pleasant Grove.  A fresh start for the kids and us, it's like our (Jeramy & I) first place.  We found it together, we can just start something.  I'm excited actually.  It may be smaller than our last place, but I lived in a large house once and it seperates the family and I don't want that.  I don't want everyone in their own space watching their own thing, or doing their own thing.  Obviously I know it is important to let them do their own thing, but I want a family not a bunch of stranger living together.

We are in the middle of packing.  I found a picture that my Aunt gave me.  It is me, her and my Grandma Faye.  Her smile is ENORMOUS, it's how I like to remember her.  I think that when she died she was waiting for me to be there before she went.  I don't know what made me decide to show up that particular day to see her.  I just remember thinking it was important.  My uncle was already there.  He was so tired.  I told him to go and sleep in the chair in the other room.  I was just talking to her.  I put lotion on her hands and feet, put on some socks so her feet weren't cold.  There were these things that looked like suckers that I was dipping in water and wetting her lips and inside her mouth.  She was snoring, but that's my grandma, if you knew her you would understand.  She never woke up to talk to me but I knew she was there.  I also know my Grandpa was there, I heard walking, I felt him there.  I knew he was there with her just waiting, waiting for me.  I think there was no coinsidence that I was there alone, that Gary had left the room.  It was Sunday there was church music on, very fitting.  I thought of how she took care of me almost all of my life after my mom died.  And now I was taking care of her, in a small way.  I held her hand, and laid on her arm quite a while.  I love her so much.  I remember all the nights when she'd tickle my back while we watched the channel 5 news.  I never understood why exactly she liked that news stations, but it was always that.  I loved Christmas because of her.  Now that she's gone, there just doesn't seem like there is any meaning to it.  No enchiladas, no candles made of gum drops.  No songs, no Christmas lights by the fire.  I miss her.  I felt truly loved!  Sometimes I think my childhood was one big mistake, but then I realize how much she loved me. I think what I miss is her cooking.  She always made great food.  Christmas was made of fudge and sugar cookies and candy and fun and joy and togetherness.  Makes plates for neighbors, me driving her cuz she was so bad at addresses.  LOL....ah, my Grandma.  I've been thinking about her a lot lately.  I plan on going to the cemetary to "see" my family.  Sad when you can visit a lot of your family in one stop like that.  

This is the words to a song we sang all the time....
I'm a little doll, who has just been broken 
Falling off my mommy's knees 
I'm a little doll, who has just been mended 
Now won't you tell me please 

Are my ears on straight, is my nose in place 
Have I got a good expression on my face 
Are my blue eyes bright, do I look alright 
To be taken home on Christmas Day 

When I first came here, just a month ago 
Brought in by a little girl, who loved me so 
She began to cry, until I told her why 
To be taken home on Christmas Day 

Christmas Day is drawing near 
And I'm getting scared 
I wish I could see in a mirror 
How I've been repaired 

I would call for her soon, but I'm worried so 
Will she love me, like she did a month ago 
Are my ears on straight, I can hardly wait 
To be taken home on Christmas Day

I miss you a lot Grandma.  I love you forever...Tell my Mom I love her and hug my baby girl! 

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  1. Your remembrances of Grandma Faye made me cry. Just last night our family sang "Up on the housetop" with Grandma Faye actions.