Sunday, January 1, 2012

All moved

We are all moved out of the Provo house.  It's weird.  I won't miss that place, but I was there for so long it's like all these memories are being left.  I moved in there January of 2004, and so much has happened and changed since then.  Taylor was 3 when we moved there, now she is 11.  I was single then, now I'm happily marred.  The walls have been privy to many things and wiping them down was weird.  

I like this new place.  It's brand new, it's way nice inside, my bedroom is s much bigger and nicer than the old place.  Only one bathroom but it'll do.  I just laugh when I'm in the shower and someone outside the door is screaming they need to go.  I'm not rushing my shower time. They'll have to run to Walkers lol...;)   We are full of boxes and still trying to organize things, figure out what we can take to the storage unit we got.  

My kids are going to be going to PGJH and Mount Mahogony, signing them up on Tuesday.  And then I start on the 9th.  I am excited!

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