Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I am really loving this beach scene lately.  Makes me feel calm, warm, and carefree.  

I am 3 days into this semester.  They seem all good classes and teachers, except my bio class.  I'm not counting it out totally right now, but the teacher seems, not altogether.  Makes me miss my eccentric English teacher.  So this semester I am a sophomore, and I have Humanities, Sociology, Biology and Astronomy.  I missed school.  I like having something to do.  To get out of the house is worth some mental health.

My older kids are still not in school till the 17th.  It has been almost an ENTIRE MONTH and I'm going NUTS....LOL I love my kids but wow.  Taylor is in her new school Mount Mahogany.  She already has friends and I'm happy for her!

I am very happy with my new place.  It's nice, clean, new, NOT HOUSING!  

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