Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Good things, Good things!

I have almost been working out for a month, on the 28th.  Plus my calorie counting.  I have upped my water intake.  At the gym I do cardio, usually 30 mins. on the treadmill at different inclines, and the bike about 15 mins. right now on and off.  I lift every time too.  One day arms, one day legs.  I look forward to going to the gym, and when I get home from school I put on my gym clothes so it is way easier to go.  When I am at the gym I usually drink about 48 oz of water.  I'm feeling great, full of energy and I sleep well.  My muscles hurt and my feet ache and I love it all!!!

I'm strangely grateful that I got the boost to loose weight.  I am committed more than ever and I think it is because I am doing it for me, not for anyone else.  :)

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